431 First Avenue, Ladysmith, B.C. V9G 1A9



Made Fresh In-House


Almost everything we serve at Plantitude is made from scratch and in-house - or in close partnership with a few special suppliers who share our views on quality. From salad dressings and soups to cheese sauces and meat substitutions, (nut, grain and plant based of course!), we love to do it ourselves.

Locally Sourced


With a strong commitment to feature locally produced ingredients in season, we strive to avoid sourcing items that have travelled long distances that negatively impacts our environment and often the quality of our food. Local tastes better and directly supports our Island communities. 



Organic food is non gmo, free of chemical pesticides & herbicides and is often made by suppliers who share a  commitment to stewardship practices that are good for our environment. Plantitude uses organic whenever possible - it's more flavourful and good for our planet.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - we believe that if we create delicious, wholesome food, serve it in a beautiful environment by staff that deeply care about your experience  then customers will want to return. 

What Inspires Us?

We believe that preparing and eating amazing food is one of life's truly great pleasures. We believe that it's better for our personal health - and for the health of our planet (and all the creatures that call it home!) to eat food made with plants. We believe that almost any dish can be made without the use of animal products with a little love and creativity. We also believe that kind food tastes better.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Plantitude is committed to organic and material recycling. Our building has been completely renovated and now includes a number of energy efficient building systems such as a  living roof water reclamation process over our kitchen.  In the months ahead we will begin work on adding living walls to our 640 square foot outdoor patio space.